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Some studying tips

Fact: I have never been good for studying. I’ve been a HUGE procrastinator. “The worse son of a b**ch,” as my mom would put it if she knew how bad my studying habits truly were 1 year ago.

She probably wouldn’t say that, but the point is, my studying habits weren’t the best (and still aren’t), but I’m working on it.

So, I post here some things that might help you if you are lazy, stupid, or simply a procrastinator.

This guy (Stever Robbins) from both MIT and Harvard has this website with tips of different kinds called Quick and Dirty Tips.

The things I recommend to you are:

  • His iTunes podcast, notably #235 GID How to Study As You Go Back to School (this is the best studying advice I have ever heard).
  • His  tips for note-taking, which is #016 on his podcast. (This might seem obvious, but it refreshes your memory)

Sometimes it is hard to put it into action (last semester I didn’t 100% apply these tips to my studying habits), but it is simply a matter of commitment.

Hope it helps some of you.


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